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What Linux users think of Windows 7?

Donnerstag, Juni 4th, 2009

windows 7Many media are giving positive reviews on Windows 7, an operating system that promises to make us forget the disaster of Windows Vista. However, what users think of GNU / Linux operating system?

The question is interesting because many of these users use Windows for work or because they are good for, say, playing computer games or use of this platform applications only available on Windows. (mehr …)

Schedule Automated Tasks In Windows XP

Mittwoch, Mai 27th, 2009

windows xpTask scheduling – starting and stopping programs at set times – has always been a feature of Windows, but it has been subject to many changes over the years. In Windows Vista the process has been completely overhauled and now offers users greater control than ever, but this article concentrates on task scheduling as it is implemented in Windows XP, which is still used by the majority of PCs. The tasks most suitable for scheduling are the sort of time-consuming maintenance operations we tend to ignore, such as defragmenting a hard disk or cleaning out unwanted files, but there are many other possibilities, such as scheduling backups to take place overnight or downloading files from the internet at times when your internet service provider does not impose restrictions. (mehr …)

Security in Windows 7

Samstag, Mai 2nd, 2009

windows 7Safety is a fundamental pillar of our versions of Windows since Windows XP SP2, as it was for Windows Vista. That’s why this is a feature of Windows 7 too.

While Windows 7 and Windows Vista security features they share, there are also differences and improvements in Windows 7, we see the detail of many of them during the beta process, but there are two in particular to target: BitLocker and UAC ( User Account Control)

Start from one of the characteristics that brought more controversy among the IT professionals since the launch of Vista: (mehr …)