Far Cry

Many people will have heard of Far Cry as it has been said to be the most successful and popular first person shooter since half life. With stunning visuals, sound and game play you can be sure that if you haven’t played it you will love it. If you are fond of the first person shooter games then you will have no problem jumping into this game and playing like you have played it before, the controls are very similar to other games in this niche and takes very little time to adjust to them if you are unsure.

Before Far Cry was released people were eagerly awaiting the release of the game that will revolutionize the way we perceive first person shooters, Far Cry has done exactly this. With a great storyline you can assure that you will not find this game boring as you will use a huge range of arsenal to obtain your goal, find and rescue the women that you was hired to catch! Sound easy? You will have to battle your way through an unknown island where you will come across many heavily armed mercenaries which you must take down to get that little bit closer to the objective.

When Far Cry was released the first thing that stood out was the graphics, it had the most amazing visuals and was easily the best anyone had seen making it a very popular game simply down to that fact. Not only did the guns and characters look real but the scenery that you experience will give you a sense of realism, for example when you are walking through the forest you will be able to see birds and insects amongst the foliage it has to offer.

As the game progresses it will no doubt get harder as you will come across the enemies that know how to use strategies such as covering and being sneaky in order to catch you out when you least expect it. You can guarantee that you will not be able to run through this game with ease, you will have to learn from your mistakes and use your own strategies in order to reach the final goal and complete the game. Not only will you be walking the island but you will get to interact with the various vehicles the game has to offer, you can drive jeeps, boats or even hang gliders so it adds yet another concept to the game. These are scarcely scattered around the game and have not been made into one of the main features which lets many people down.

Everyone knows that there are a lot of factors to consider when you are rating a game, you have to take the game play, visual effects as well as sound and if the manufacturer has used them as they should you will feel more like you’re in the game rather then playing it. One of the best things about Far Cry is the sound effects, they easily add the sense of creepy forests with you expecting something to jump out at any minute.

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