Gothic 3

Gothic 3 puts your self the hero of the game in a huge outdoor environment with large and small villages occupied by human mercenaries and knights who are fighting for survival due to the lands have been enslaved by the brutal Orc race who control the majority of the vast lands using humans for there own sinister means. Throughout the gameplay you meet up with familiar faces from the previous titles gothic one and two which always adds a sense of history to the game which gets you involved straight away with the story line.

The hero starts off in a small village with very little equipment as well as very little combat experience leaving you to choose how you develop your character throughout the game. The game offers various different professions to take which include a variety of different hand to hand weapon fighting, Archery even different schools of sorcery further in the game. You will even be able to pick up other sub professions such as skinning or alchemy and many more. With enough experience gained by completing quests and killing creatures you will soon be able to train these professions up at local trainers making your hero a true foe to be reckoned with.

A lot of the games environment consists of large wilderness areas where you can wander for hours to find your self lost in the middle of a huge land giving the game a deep sense of free play leaving it up to yourself where you go and how you do it. Scattered around the lands are small and large encampments occupied by an Orc leader not to far from these encampments will be a human hideout who want to retake the encampment you can either help the humans or help the orcs it’s your choice helping the Humans will mean gaining trust of the Orc encampment then retaking it resulting in the faction you are working for taking over the encampment.

The combat system of gothic 3 has taken some changes from the previous games, it has now taken a more simple point and click system for one swing of the sword the range combat now goes into a first person perspective leaving you to aim up your bow or crossbow shot. This may seem like a simple easy option without much depth to the combat system but once you can wield your sword a bow and sorcery magic it soon adds a more complex battle system which is easy and fun to use.

The graphics and audio of gothic 3 is at quite a high standard the battle and environment audio work very well hand in hand with each other the environment audio definitely portrays the conditions your character will be in weather its in a dark a gloomy crypt or a busy village with the battle music increasing the immediate danger your character faces which gives you an overall pleasurable gaming experience. The graphics in Gothic have always been at a high standard and gothic 3 is no exception it portrays beautiful outdoor environments and detailed characters.

With all things in mind gothic 3 has definitely been an improvement over the previous two in the genre with better graphics larger environments a much better combat system and an improved dialogue. So I ask why on the third series of the genre the inherited bugs of the game still exist the same technical issues of the game still make gothic 3 extremely hard to run with several glitches meaning if you have not got a super charged pc and a lot of patience at your disposal you will find the game quite frustrating to play which has been the case for all the previous titles. However if you are fortunate enough to have this then gothic 3 should definitely be a game to look at the story freedom and visual quality of the game will keep you keen for a long time.

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