Oblivion Tipps

Here a few Tipps about the role-play game Oblivion.

Azura’s Star
The Daedric artifact Azura’s Star gets the player if he completed the Azura’s Daedric Quest. Azura’s Star is a soul gem that don’t disappear after using. So DO NOT gives this artifact to Martin for the Blood of the Daedra quest. First use the item duplication exploit:

Buy Mysticism Skills
You need the Mysticism Skill for the Soul Trap spell. Here the Trainers where you can learn the Mysticism Skill:

Low Trainers: Angalmo, Chorrol Mages Guild; Druja, Skingrad Mages Guild
Medium Trainers: Boderi Farano, Arcane University; Ita Rienus, Bravil Mages Guild
High Trainer: Dagail, Leyawiin Mages Guild

An other way to increase the Mysticism Skill is to buy the spell Minor Life Detection. With this spell you increase the Mysticism skill and allow you to boost your Intelligence score when you level up.

Soul Trap
You need Soul Trap to create enchanted items or recharge enchanted weapons. Soul Trap requires an Apprentice of Mysticism and around 65 Magicka.

Whole Card:
A whole Card from Oblivions World Cyrodiil you find on http://scaby101.googlepages.com/837013280_OblivionMapWIP.jpg

For more Details look on:

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