If you like your strategy games then you should definitely consider buying Paraworld, many people have given mixed reviews about this game so it would be one of those which you should rent for a night or if you can, play it at a mates first to see if you can see yourself getting into this game. One of the good things about this game is that it isn’t difficult to pick it up and play it, the learning curve for most people would be roughly about half an hour before you get to grips with all of the controls. This brings us onto the next good point about this game, once you have adapted to the controls you have everything at your finger tips. You can control different units with ease using the army style mechanics which add a new concept to this style of game.

The graphics are fair with this game so you can guarantee that it is easy on the eyes and it has great use of music soundtracks throughout the game which help you get involved. Along with the good factors, Paraworld does seem to have a fair amount of downsides which may deter people from playing this game in the first place. The main one is that the storyline can be quite boring and simple which makes it easy to complete and sort of looks more like a cartoon which gives the impression that it is aimed at children more. The combat involved can be a bit mild, you would expect the dinosaurs to have a great battle against the enemies but it shows that not a lot of thought has gone into this aspect of the game.

The concept of this game sounds a lot better than it actually is, it throws dinosaurs, ninjas and Vikings into a parallel universe which may sound interested but when you actually play the game it is a lot like many of the other strategy games of its kind. This is the hard thing about strategy games, it can be very hard to make them unique as they all revolve around the same concept which means a lot more thought has to be put in, thinking of new ways to make it stand out from the crowd and to be honest, Paraworld does not do this successfully.

They have tried their best though, they have a interesting ranking method to say the least. You can only control so many units with your army controller, for example you can have so many level 1 units or a smaller amount of level of level 2 units and so forth. By increasing your level you will unlock different attributes to make your units much stronger and have the advantage against your enemies. This can be crucial if you decide to play multiplayer as it will surly put your skills to the test.

You have to decide what you want from the game before buying it, if you are looking for one with great visuals then this could be a game to consider but if you are looking for an intense game with great battle scenes then Paraworld would more than likely let you down from the very beginning.

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