Rise and Fall and Windows Vista

rise and fall under windows vistaRise and Fall is a free strategy computer game. I downloaded this game yesterday evening from the german site 4players.de (2,43 GB big!). Today I wanted play the game and was happy, that the game starts without problems under my windows vista 64 Bit computer. But then the disillusion, i couldn’t move my mouse. The mouse was/is deep-seated in the middle of the screen. What a shame!

Ok, I thought that is no problem and searched in the internet after a solution for the problem. But there is no one! First I thought this is a StarForce error, the used copy protection (I hate StarForce!!!). So I downloaded the update for the protection drivers on this page -> http://www.star-force.com/support/drivers/

But this brought no improvements. Then I updated my Rise and Fall version, although the download file is already the current version. No reaction of my mouse in the game.

My last desperate bid was a russian crack (the game is already free, so what) … I think you know the effect, exactly nothing happen with my mouse problem in Rise and Fall.

Now I uninstall the game and write this post about the strategy game Rise and Fall and the try to play the game under Windows Vista ….

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